Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of clients have you worked with?

We've worked with boot-strapped startups, VC-funded startups, private-equity-backed organizations, and publicly-traded Fortune 500's, across various sectors such as publishing software, social media agencies and platforms, brand and creative agencies, large telecom and communications giants, sports teams, global retail brands, medical and dental organizations, entertainment brands, consumer goods and retail, analytics and big data firms, and marketing and advertising agencies.

What are your fees? How do you charge?

We use a value-based pricing model that takes into consideration what you're trying to accomplish and how much value that transformation will bring to your business. We also charge a reasonable hourly rate for short-term engagements, speaking engagements and brainstorming sessions. We've worked with clients of all sizes but our typical customer is a funded and growing company (even if you're a startup) that is willing to invest in their success.

What does your name mean?

We are focused on transforming organizations and helping them get to the next level of performance - our clients think of us as transformation experts. We've also helped create, or "form" many companies ourselves as founders and co-founders and like to think that the services we provide help form a successful foundation for our clients to build on for years into the future. "Formyl" bonds in organic chemistry create important building blocks in organic synthesis - a nice metaphor for what we try to accomplish within client organizations (synthesizing different people and teams together in organic and powerful ways to achieve transformative results).