All of us are better than any of us

A quote widely attributed to Seth Godin, I interpret this to mean that a good team that is completely aligned behind a clearly articulated purpose that they passionately believe in, can accomplish much more than extremely talented role players who may have different agendas or lack of clarity about the shared goal.

My grandfather was a farmer. He had work horses. I learned at a young age that when several horses were harnessed together and pulling in the same direction, they could accomplish amazing feats of strength. They were powerful. But if they were not harnessed together they might end up pulling in different directions, completely negating each other's strengths. Let's say, for example, you wanted to remove a large stump from a field - an important but difficult objective. If you tied up five incredibly strong horses to the stump, but let them all pull in different directions, the stump wouldn't budge and they would all be worn out quickly. However, you could take fewer horses (maybe even two) and harness them together and have them pull in the same direction and eventually you'd be able to remove the stump.

Fewer and less expensive resources can accomplish meaningful and difficult objectives if they are all aligned and pulling in the same direction.

As organizations grow, there is a tendency for silos to build between teams and sometimes even between individuals. Different goals and objectives arise and people begin pulling in different directions - sometimes even purposefully sabotaging each other.

If you want to have a successful team, group, club or company, you have to get everyone on the same page and working toward the same shared purpose. This is easier said than done, especially as your company grows, but in my experience it's one of the most essential ingredients to creating sustainable success.

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